Capman & Hashtag Woman
I created a weekly comic strip for the large German youth radio station 1LIVE for their superhero week. Here are a few examples. You can see all the strips at their website: 1LIVE: Capman & Hashtag Woman

Tatort M√ľnster: Episode-Der Hammer
The production company of the most popular German TV crime series "Tatort" commissioned three covers and one interior page to be shown on air.

Bytronic: Bystronic People
I created a short manga story for the international technology company 
Bystronic for their internal company magazine.

SIR GIO: Bystronic People
International music producer Sergio Fertitta (Bligg) approached me to create a 64 page comic book around his fictional character SIR GIO. The book was eventually printed in two languages.

World Fair Shanghai: Heidi goes to Shanghai
This commission was without a doubt the most curious of all jobs. The premise was to send Heidi to the World Fair in Shanghai to visit the Swiss pavillion. It tooks some inventive storytelling to make it plausible. Also note the manga-style and the Chinese lettering.

THE FIRES: Old School Revival
Custom 64-page comic book created for the SWISS Rock n Roll Band "The Fires". 

Various published superhero comic books
Here is a small selection of some work that was published by Marvel Comics and other publishers in the USA.

Page from Spider-Man/Marvel Comics

Splashpage from Batman/DC Comics
Splashpage from Space Precinct/Marvel Comics
Page from Witchblade/Image Comics


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